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We are KORE

Vision:To be a leading customer experience research and consulting firm led by the most
talented, passionate individuals in the field, who love what they do and do it at their very best.

:Provide quality customer intelligence that counts, through consistent commitment and firm dedication of our team

Love-what-we-do, client-centric, quality-driven, responsive and innovative

We are a research and consulting firm focusing on helping clients to improve what matters probably the most crucial in this experience-economy: their customer experience.

Our company mission is very simple: is to provide our clients with customer insight that is relevant, accurate, and most importantly, WORKs.

Narrowing the gap between our clients' brand promises and their actual delivery, is ultimately our goal.

Our holistic approach to customer experience management:

  • provides clients with crucial insight of their customer touch points' strength and weaknesses
  • consistently monitors company performance over time, relative to its industry, country and region
  • provides industry best practice standard and assists our client to develop a profitable customer experience that makes sense to their customer base
  • increases clients' ROI on training investments